Hop a freighter…

…go on, you know you want to. Now that I’m in that phase between full-time employment and full-time retiree, I’ve been looking for all the many ways to spend the time I’ll have on my hands. I’ll go nuts without something stimulating to occupy my mind. Sure I like gardening and sewing and cooking and baking and a variety of crafts, all very productive by the way, but that’s not how I envision spending my golden years. Sure I could spend a small fortune taking some of those fancy high-priced cruises on one of those floating Las Vegas cruise ships, but then I would just be another tourist, suffering the crowds and noise and throngs of screaming kids and drunken hipsters and ports of call filled with vendors looking to rob you blind. So, ask yourself “Do you want to be a big fish in a little sea or a little fish in a big sea?”, because that’s basically your choice when looking at those big monster cruise ships versus freighters that may carry 6-12 passengers max. Do you want to pay extra for all those theme park amenities like those that you can get at any tourist destination that you likely won’t use or do you want to be a world traveler, surrounded with peace and tranquility, in the true sense?

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