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Updated: 03/27/2014

7-UP Cake CakesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Almond Cake CakesRegency5/5 stars1.0
Almond Joy Cake CakesAmerican01.0
Angel Hair Pasta with Lemon Cream Sauce PastaAmerican5/5 stars4.0
Angelic Lobster PastaFrench5/5 stars6.0
Angelic Lobster SeafoodAmerican5/5 stars6.0
Apple Cake CakesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Apple Cider Pie PiesNew England01.0
Arctic Lemon Mousse PiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Aromatic Middle Eastern Soup SoupMiddle Eastern5/5 stars1.0
Auntie Di's Alfredo Sauce Savory SaucesItalian5/5 stars1.0
Auntie Di's Creamy Lenon Meringue Pie PiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Auntie Di's Pie Crust PiesAmerican02.0
Auntie Di's Potato Soup SoupIrish01.0
Auntie Di's Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce PastaItalian01.0
Auntie Sable's Pumpkin Custard Pie PiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Auntie's All Purpose Spice SeasoningsAmerican01.0
Auntie's Steak Seasoning SeasoningsAmerican01.0
Baked Salmon with Dill FishMedieval04.0
Banana Cream Pie PiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Barbecue Bacon Burger SandwichesAmerican5/5 stars3.0
Barley Bread Yeast BreadsMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Barley Bread Yeast BreadsMedieval5/5 stars2.0
Basic Bread Yeast BreadsAmerican5/5 stars2.0
Basil Jelly Sweet CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars3.0
Basil Pasta PastaItalian5/5 stars4.0
BBQ Deviled Eggs AppetizerAmerican5/5 stars2.0
BBQ Rub SeasoningsAmerican01.0
Bean Butter CondimentsMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Beef and Beer EntreeRegency5/5 stars4.0
Beer Braised Ribs with Garlic Sauce EntreeRegency5/5 stars4.0
Beet Greens VegetablesMedieval5/5 stars4.0
Beet Greens VegetablesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Best Buttercream Icing Sweet CondimentsAmerican01.0
Black Bean Soup SoupAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Black Forest Pie PiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Black Pepper Pound Cake CakesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Black Walnut Pound Cake CakesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Blackberry Wine Cake CakesAmerican01.0
Blue Ribbon Cranberry Apple Pie PiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Braised Beef Shanks with Cheesy Polenta Beef EntreeMediterranean5/5 stars6.0
Braised Leeks VegetablesMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Braised Spanish Onions VegetablesMediterranean5/5 stars1.0
Bran Rolls Yeast BreadsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Brandied Apple Rings CondimentsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Brandied Bread Pudding PuddingsRegency5/5 stars6.0
Bratwurst and Beer Soup SoupGerman5/5 stars1.0
Breakfast Cookies CookiesAmerican01.0
Breakfast Cookies CookiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Breakfast Lasagna BreakfastAmerican5/5 stars8.0
Broiled Lobster SeafoodAmerican5/5 stars2.0
Brown Sauce CondimentsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Broxty VegetablesMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Bruschetta Savory PastriesItalian5/5 stars10.0
Buckwheat Bread Yeast BreadsAmerican5/5 stars2.0
Buffalo Chicken Burgers SandwichesAmerican5/5 stars3.0
Butter Basil Smashed Potatoes VegetablesAmerican5/5 stars6.0
Butter Bean Soup SoupRegency5/5 stars1.0
Butter Pecan Cake CakesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Buttercake CakesAmerican01.0
Cajun Cake CakesCajun5/5 stars1.0
Cajun Corn Pudding VegetablesCajun5/5 stars8.0
Cardamom Tea Biscuits CookiesRegency5/5 stars1.0
Carrot Salad SaladsMedieval5/5 stars4.0
Celery Salad SaladsAmerican5/5 stars4.0
Cheddar-Ale Soup SoupBritish5/5 stars1.0
Cheesy Bread SpreadsAmerican030.0
Cheesy Bread Quick BreadsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Cheesy Stuffed Potato VegetablesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Cherry Coke Salad Sweet SaladDeep South01.0
Cherry Cream Pie PiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Cherry Nut Pie PiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Chestnut Fluff DessertRegency5/5 stars1.0
Chicken Carbonara EntreeItalian04.0
Chicken Liver Pate SpreadsAmerican5/5 stars4.0
Chicken Satay Skewers AppetizerThai5/5 stars4.0
Chive Butter CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Chocolate Lava Cakes CakesAmerican5/5 stars8.0
Cider Braised Rabbit Wild GameMedieval5/5 stars4.0
Cider Custard Pie PiesRegency01.0
Cider Pie PiesMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Cinnamon Butter CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Cinnamon Pears in Apple Brandy CondimentsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Citrus-Buttered Lobster Tails SeafoodAmerican5/5 stars2.0
Claire's Nettle Buns Yeast BreadsScottish08.0
Coffee Marshmallows ConfectionsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Comeback Sauce CondimentsAmerican01.0
Cookie Butter CondimentsDutch5/5 stars2.0
Corona beans with Braised Kale VegetablesAmerican01.0
Cranberry Coffee Cake CakesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Cranberry Nut Bread Quick BreadsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Cranberry Salad CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Cranberry Sauce CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars2.0
Crawfish Butter SpreadsCajun01.5
Creamy Tortelini Soup SoupAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Creole Beaumonde Seasoning SeasoningsCreole01.0
Creole Seasoning SeasoningsCreole00.75
Crockpot Cajun Meatballs Beef EntreeCajun5/5 stars1.0
Custard Pie PiesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Custard Pudding Sauce Sweet SaucesGerman5/5 stars1.0
Dark Plum Duff PuddingsBritish01.0
Dough Cycle Sweet Bread Yeast BreadsGerman01.0
Easy Potato Rolls Yeast BreadsAmerican01.5
Eccles Cake CakesTudor01.0
Fat Rascals PastriesBritish5/5 stars1.0
Fish Fillets with Green Onion Sauce FishMedieval5/5 stars4.0
Flour Pudding DessertRegency01.0
Foamy Sauce Sweet SaucesBritish01.0
Freekah Pilaf VegetablesMiddle Eastern04.0
French Fry Mayo CondimentsDutch01.0
Friendship Applesauce Cake CakesAmish01.0
Friendship Fruit Cake CakesAmish02.0
Friendship Fruit Starter Food PrepAmish01.0
German Red Cabbage VegetablesGerman5/5 stars1.0
Ginger Pear Preserves CondimentsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Gingersnaps CookiesAmish01.0
Gramma Rain's Brown Bread Quick BreadsAmerican5/5 stars2.0
Granny's Sponge Cake CakesAmerican01.0
Granny’s Cabbage Rolls EntreeCzech06.0
Greek Seasoning SeasoningsGreek01.0
Hachee Beef EntreeMedieval5/5 stars6.0
Hard Sauce Sweet SaucesBritish01.0
Harvest Porridge BreakfastMedieval5/5 stars2.0
Herb Cake Glaze Sweet CondimentsAmerican01.0
Hippocras BeveragesMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Homemade Beer Cheese SpreadsAmerican01.0
Honey Butter CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Honey-Orange Slices CondimentsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Honey-Spiced Peaches CondimentsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Hot Parmesan Potato Salad VegetablesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Hot Toddies DrinksHomeopathic Remedies03.0
Irish Chocolate Stout Cake CakesIrish01.0
Irish Sticky Toffee Pudding PuddingsIrish5/5 stars6.0
Italian Jumbot BreakfastItalian04.0
Kase Spaetzle BreakfastGerman02.0
Lawrey's All-Purpose Seasoning SeasoningsAmerican01.0
Leek and Potato Galette VegetablesMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Leek and Potato Gallette BreakfastMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Leek and Potato Hotpot SoupMedieval01.0
Lemon and Garlic Butter CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Lemon-Sage Wine Mustard CondimentsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Light Rye Bread Yeast BreadsGerman5/5 stars1.0
Lobster a la Sable SeafoodRegency5/5 stars1.0
Lobster Newburg SeafoodAmerican5/5 stars6.0
Lobster Parmesan SeafoodAmerican5/5 stars6.0
Lobster Scampi SeafoodAmerican5/5 stars2.0
Lobster Thermidor SeafoodAmerican5/5 stars6.0
Louisiana Bread Pudding PuddingsDeep South08.0
Madeira Pudding Sauce Sweet SaucesGerman5/5 stars1.0
Marinated Berries Sweet SauceAmerican06.0
Marlborough Apple Pie PiesRegency01.0
Meat and Mushroom Pasties PastriesRegency5/5 stars6.0
Meat and Mushroom Pasties Savory PastriesBritish5/5 stars6.0
Methodist Preacher Cake CakesAmerican01.0
Meyer Lemon and Garlic Dressing Salad DressingsRegency01.0
Moroccan Carrot Salad SaladsMoroccan08.0
Multi-purpose Meat Seasoning SeasoningsAmerican01.0
Mushroom Swiss Sliders SandwichesAmerican5/5 stars8.0
New York Bialys Savory PastriesJewish5/5 stars1.0
Not-From-Worcestershire Sauce CondimentsRegency5/5 stars3.0
Nutmeg Sauce Sweet SauceBritish01.0
Nutmet Custard Tarts PiesBritish04.0
Oat Cakes Savory PastriesMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Oatmeal and Pease Bread Quick BreadsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Orange Rhubarb Chutney CondimentsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Orange Rum Butter CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Orange Rum Butter CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Parsnip Cakes Savory PastriesMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Parsnip Pie VegetablesMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Pea Powder SeasoningsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Pecan Crust Chicken with Mustard Sauce Chicken EntreeAmerican5/5 stars4.0
Pepper Filet Mignon with Whisky Sauce Beef EntreeAmerican5/5 stars2.0
Pickled Beets CondimentsAmerican5/5 stars8.0
Pickled Onions VegetablesMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Pie or Cheesecake Crumb Crust PiesAmerican01.0
Pimento Cheese Spread SpreadsAmerican01.0
Pina Colada Cake CakesDeep South01.0
Plum Pudding PuddingsBritish02.0
Pork Chops with Marmalade Cream Pork EntreeBritish5/5 stars2.0
Potato Pie Savory PastriesRegency5/5 stars1.0
Preacher Cake CakesAmerican01.0
Pumpkin Cheesecake CheesecakesAmerican01.0
Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Yeast BreadsAmerican013.0
Quatre Epices Spice Mix SeasoningsFrench01.0
Queso Chicken Soup SoupAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Ranch Dressing Salad DressingsAmerican01.0
Roasted Onions in Brown Gravy VegetablesMedieval5/5 stars4.0
Salmon Niciose SaladsFrench01.0
Savoury Leek Hotcakes BreakfastMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Scalloped Potatoes with Tomatoes VegetablesFrench06.0
Seafood Pan Roast SeafoodCreole02.0
Sesame Bread Yeast BreadsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Sour Cream Biscuits Quick BreadsAmerican01.0
Sourdough Biscuits SourdoughAmerican02.0
Sourdough Cornbread SourdoughAmerican01.0
Sourdough English Muffins SourdoughAmerican02.0
Sourdough German Coffee Cake SourdoughAmerican01.0
Sourdough Overnight Hotcakes SourdoughAmerican06.0
Sourdough Quick Hotcakes SourdoughAmerican06.0
Sourdough Starter Food PrepAmerican01.0
Southern Seasoning Blend SeasoningsSouthern01.0
Southwestern Chopped Salad SaladsAmerican5/5 stars6.0
Spaetzle NoodlesGerman06.0
Spinach Mushroom Scramble BreakfastAmerican5/5 stars4.0
Spirited Blueberries CondimentsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Summer Vegetable Bake vegetablesAmerican01.0
Sweet Hot Pickling Spice Blend SeasoningsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Sweet Pickling Spice Blend SeasoningsRegency5/5 stars1.0
Sweet Potato Pie PiesSouthern5/5 stars1.0
Swiss Steak Beef EntreeRegency5/5 stars4.0
Temple Orange Tea Bread Quick BreadsDeep South01.0
Texas Roadhouse Rolls Yeast BreadsAmerican05.0
The Villa Salad Dressing Salad DressingsAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Tiramisu French Toast BreakfastAmerican5/5 stars4.0
Trencher Bread Yeast BreadsMedieval5/5 stars1.0
Triple Ginger Cookies CookiesAmerican040.0
Tudor Kitchen Seasoning Blend SeasoningsTudor01.0
Venison Stew with Leek and Potato Wild GameRegency5/5 stars6.0
Watergate Cake CakesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
Watergate Cake CakesAmerican5/5 stars1.0
West Indies Rum Punch BeveragesRegency010.0
White Wine Cake CakesAmerican01.0
Whole Wheat Greek Yogurt Pancakes BreakfastAmerican5/5 stars4.0
Wilted Spinach with Bacon Dressing SaladsAmerican5/5 stars4.0